Sales & Divestitures

Decades of advising mid-sized international divestiture clients … Thousands of clients … satisfied!

Alpha Market Investments believes that a successful sale is one that brings in financial stability that lasts … That’s what Alpha Market Investments M&A's team of seasoned M&A professionals keep in mind … and to make this possible, we put our clients best interest in focus.

Sales & divestiture is an intricate process made challenging with the complexity of each process. Alpha Market Investments will simplify things. Amongst these includes but not limited to:

  • analysis and preparation of the business including business valuation
  • identification of suitable potential buyers from around the globe
  • feasibility analysis of the intended transaction considering actual market conditions
  • organization and management of the sale process in a discrete and efficient manner, including contacting buyers, leading negotiations, management of due diligence process and final structuring.

We maintain close collaboration with our clientele to make certain that the market financial conditions are positive and effectuate a divestiture strategy that is customized to our clients' purposes. Sr. advisors actively handle each phase of the divestiture process, including the finer elements of negotiations.

Our database of transactions and contacts, gives us unmatched access to calculated latent acquirers, making it possible for us to obtain the best price possible for our clients' businesses.

Our intention is to get the best combination of price, form of consideration, deal structure and cultural compatibility within an agreed timescale. we advise clients free from other commercial pressures and conflicts often faced by multi-product investment banks.