Industry Sectors

Leisure & Retail

As the trending shifts to health consciousness, the leisure industry is fast coming in 2nd to the IT industry as one of the fast changing commerce. However, unlike the IT industry, the leisure industry has a slower outdating capacity. 

As seasons change, so does the leisure and retail sectors; competition is extreme, consumer spending is changing, and the option of leisure activities is incessantly expanding. Inefficiency has no place in such industry. Foremost, retailers and leisure operators must be adaptable and innovative in administering their property portfolios, astutely manage their obtainable assets, refurbishments, new build and rebranding initiatives.

Our global Leisure & Retail Team makes possible direct access to unambiguous segment expertise, international buyers and sellers. Alpha Market Investments' portfolio includes in-depth transactional experience including but not limited to:

Leisure industry

  • Gaming - casinos, interactive/online, bingo, gaming centres (slot machine arcades)
  • Nightclubs/Venues
  • Cinemas
  • Bowling
  • Camping/Holiday/Caravan Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Travel - specialist tour operators
  • Sport/Fitness - gyms, golf, football clubs etc
  • Hotels

Retail industry

  • House wares / Furniture
  • Food convenience stores/large format supermarkets/frozen food specialists
  • DIY/Building Materials
  • Fashion
  • Electronics stores/supermarkets
  • E Commerce - Retail